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NGO Networking

Through its projects, CCO hopes to facilitates NGO networking and partnerships within and beyond the Singaporean and Asian region.

Information and Research

There is constant need for information on the status of the climate change movement and the impact of NGO activities.

Seeking Partnerships

We are interested in linking with partners in other Asian countries to design an event for which we could jointly seek funding for our environmental awareness programmes. This event could have a particular theme (such as sustainability issues, the impact of globalisation or climate change) or focus on a specific skill (such as advocacy, communication, IT for social change, etc) or it could be a general event (like our seminar series); this will also depend on who our partner organisations are and what they interested in.
"You must be the change you wish to see in the world." - Mohandas Gandhi

We are thinking of planning something for early 2007, and we would be keen to see young people take the lead in the organising. What we have been doing so far is gaining wide recognition. The group of young people involved is keen to build on this. We see this as an opportunity to move forward in partnership. And we are especially keen to collaborate with organisations in Singapore and around the ASEAN region.

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