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Version: 1.5
(1st December, 2005)


Educational Institutions

Conveying the information on climate change through schools is one of the most effective ways to reach out to the young and vibrant lot. With the cooperation from the professional educators, we can more effectively teach and create awareness on climate change to future leaders.

With such knowledge impart to them, they will go into the society to be responsible individuals with an ownership of the environment. This can enable them to make a difference on the global level on the climate change and environmental issues.

Private and Public Sector

Regardless of large, medium or small corporations, they all can contribute significantly to the protection and preservation of the climate. This can be directly linked to corporate social responsibility. All the enterprise should be educated on how the climate has been changing and what they can do to improve the situation.

This is crucial because when companies contribute in such aspect, they are sending a very valuable message to consumers and investors. They will be able to push the market in the same direction and from there, everyone will benefit and everyone will be winners.

Green Groups

Many green groups have been formed throughout the years but not many of them touch on climate change issues.

We hope that by sharing our knowledge with the green groups, we can multiply the channels of promoting awareness on climate change to everyone. We can also in turn assist the other green groups in achieving their own objectives and goals.